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Lincoln Castle Music Collection

The following arrangements by Keith Wilkinson are available through Alum Creek Music.


Adam, O Holy Night

Euphonium Solo

An arrangement of the beautiful Christmas song for euphonium solo and brass band accompaniment.

It was first performed by Trevor Groom and the GUS Band.

$35.00 (UK £28.00)


Bellini, Casta Diva

Soprano Cornet Solo

This beautiful aria from the opera, Norma, has been arranged for soprano cornet solo and brass band.

$35.00 (£28.00)


Dvorak, Scherzo Capriccioso

An arrangement of the colourful orchestral show-piece which dates from 1883 and helped to bring the composer's name into prominence.

$80.50 (£64.00)


Elgar, March Of The Mogul Emperors

A movement extracted from the Crown Of India Suite which contains music written for the coronation in 1911 of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India.

$38.00 (£30.50)


de Falla, Ritual Fire Dance

A lively movement from one of the composer's ballets.

$61.50 (£49.00)

Dinicu-Heifetz, Hora Staccato

Cornet Solo

An arrangement for cornet solo of the famous violin solo.

$47.50 (£38.00)


Faure, Berceuse

One of the movements from the composer's Dolly Suite, written in the late 19th century, this gentle lullaby has been scored to feature the cornet section supported by the rest of the band.

$34.50 (£27.50)


Fonteyn, Pop Looks Bach

This short piece became very popular as introductory music to the TV programme, Ski Sunday.

$35.00 (£28.00)


Grieg, Norwegian Dance No. 2

Arguably the most popular of Edvard Grieg's four Norwegian Dances.

$35.00 (£28.00)


Holst, Mars (The Planets)

Possibly the most famous extract from Holst's Suite, first performed in 1918.

$45.00 (£36.00)


Larsson, Romance

The beautiful slow movement from Lars-Erik Larsson's Pastoral Suite.

$31.50 (£25.50)


Mendez, Chiapanecas

Cornet Solo

This solo, based on a Mexican folk song, was very popular when performed by the

arranger, Raphael Mendez.

It has been arranged as a cornet solo.

$57.50 (£46.00)


Mozart, Voi Che Sapete

This popular aria from The Marriage Of Figaro has been arranged to feature flugel horn supported by the band.

$41.50 (£33.00)


Puccini, Nessun Dorma

Euphonium Solo

This tenor aria (None Shall Sleep) from Turandot has become extremely popular away from the opera house. It has been arranged as a euphonium solo.

$32.50 (£26.00)


Puccini, One Fine Day

Cornet Solo

This famous aria from Madam Butterfly (first performed in 1904) is the best-known extract from the opera. It has been arranged as a cornet solo.

$35.00 (£28.00)


Orff, O Fortuna

The cantata Carmina Burana was written by Carl Orff in 1936 and 1937 and is based on medieval texts. O Fortuna both opens and closes the popular choral work.

$37.50 (£30.00)


Rossini, Caprice In The Style Of Offenbach

This is a delightful pianoforte miniature in which Rossini aims to capture the style of the German-born French composer Jacques Offenbach. The music was later used by Ottorino Respighi in the ballet La Boutique Fantasque.

$47.50 (£38.00)


Saint-Saens, Cavatine

Trombone Solo

This trombone solo by Camille Saint-Saens is a favourite examination piece and was originally written with pianoforte accompaniment.

$44.50 (£35.50)


Schmidt, Intermezzo (Notre Dame)

This is the best-known extract from the romantic opera, first performed in 1914, written by Austrian composer Franz Schmidt (1874-1939). It had been performed as an orchestral piece more than ten years prior to the first staging of the opera.

$29.00 (£23.00)


Shostakovich, Festive Overture

This famous overture was composed in only 3 days when a work was requested to suitably open a 1954 concert in Moscow to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the October Revolution.

$107.00 (£86.00)


Verdi, The Chorus Of The Hebrew Slaves

This is the best-known extract from the opera Nabucco and the arrangement can be used by brass band alone or as accompaniment to a performance by choir.

$39.50 (£32.00)


Fanfare And National Anthem (God Save The Queen)

$23.50 (£19.00)



Adam, O Holy Night

Euphonium Solo

$10.50 (£8.50)


Puccini, Nessun Dorma

Euphonium Solo

$10.50 (£8.50)

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